Missed School Make-up Day

School will be in session on March 26th at Brigadoon. This is a make-up day for a school day that was lost on November 12th due to lack of heat in the building.

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Track Season

Get your student involved in track and field. Click the link below for more information.


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January Bagpiper

Here is the latest news about what’s going on at Brigadoon!

Bagpiper January 2015bagpipes

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Highly Capable Program Nominations

Click here for the information you need about HCP nominations for your student.


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How Can I Help My Student Succeed?

This is a question parents ask, especially during parent-teacher conferences. There are many valuable resources you might use. Here is a site you might try:


Also, don’t forget that reading at home is a valuable way to help your child. We have access to a terrific resource called Myon. Your child will know how to get on the site.


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Associated Student Body (ASB) financial data is available here

If you want to check out our ASB information, please go to the following website:


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Here’s the information you need if you’re interested in preschool at Brigadoon.Mom_holding_childs_hand

Preschool Flyer

Preschool Flyer Spanish

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Our School is a Safe Place

Here is a link to the district policy regarding bullying and harassment. If any issues arise please report it immediately so that we can make sure all students feel safe at our school.

District Policy

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Applying for Free and Reduced Meals

Free and Reduced applications are now available on line!  Applying online is the fastest way to approval, because the district can review and process the application immediately upon completion.lunch

Go tohttp://www.fwps.org/dept/nutrition/

The website explains everything you need to know about applying and walks you through announcements about confidentiality and process. The on line system is very secure, and VERY fast.

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Contacting the District in Another Language

Our school wants parents to be able to communicate effectively with us. If you need to contact us, but do not speak English, here are numbers you can use.

Spanish 253-945-2473
Russian 253-945-2382
Korean 253-945-2472

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