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Decatur High School Sample Master Portfolio
(High School and Beyond Plan/Culminating Project)

The following is a current copy of the Decatur High School Sample Master Portfolio. Pages are in PDF format and in some cases in Rich text format for use as a template in word processing.

Remember all completed items must be placed in a 3-hole binder for FINAL presentation and submission during Student Led Conferences the spring of your senior year.

If you need a Portfolio Entry slip, you can get one here: Portfolio Entry Slip

Need a check list? Click here: Master Portfolio Checklist

Plagiarism WILL NOT be tolerated. Submit your own work.

Cover (.rtf)

Cover page (.rtf)

Table of contents (.rtf)

Section 1   Letter to the Reader ( Letter of Introduction )  Sample pdf

Section 2   Master Portfolio Requirements Guide

Section 3    High School and Beyond Plan Components

Section 4   Culminating Project - Portfolio of Best Works (including Portfolio Entry Slips) - one copy of best work for each subject required by due date; two copies of best work for each subject required after due date.

Questions - See Decatur's Guidance Support Specialist in the Career Center.

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