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Federal Way High School

Cambridge Diploma Candidates are those students interested in a comprehensive program with an accelerated, international curriculum.  They must take external examinations is six AICE level courses by the end of their Senior year. These students anticipate fulfilling all the requirements for the AICE Diploma upon graduating.  In order to accomplish this, Cambridge Diploma Candidates are expected to take a minimum of four Cambridge classes in 9th and 10th grade and a minimum of three classes in 11th and 12th grade.

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2015 Advanced Testing Calendar

Cambridge Diploma Candidates

It is recommended that Diploma Candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Score 400 or above on the most recent Reading, Writing and Math MSP/HSPE/EOC
  • Earn a B or better in all academic areas
  • Completed first year Algebra

Application Process:

  1. Complete the “AICE Diploma Letter of Intent” and make sure that the student and parent/guardian sign and date the form.
  2. Complete “School Choice” form if necessary (if you live outside of the FWHS boundaries).
  3. Mail or deliver the application packet (all above listed information) to:

Cambridge Coordinators
Federal Way High School
30611 16th Avenue S.
Federal Way, WA  98003 
Fax:  253-945-5431


8th Grade Letter of Intent
Diploma Candidate Letter of Intent
Pre AICE and AICE Course Overview
Pre Aice & AICE Course Descriptions
11th Grade Diploma Confirmation/Application
AICE Diploma Worksheet
Honor Code
2014 Cambridge Testing Calendar
Exam Results Transcript Request Form

Helpful websites:

*Cambridge International Exams general information
*Student information
*Parent information
*College recognition


Contact Information:
Co-Coordinators – Chelsea Gallagher, Debbie Estes, Joan Wrigley
Phone: 253.945.5431                                                Email: