Federal Way High School Staff Scholarship 2016 (due May 12th)

Below are scholarship search resources and some other useful information to help you find more scholarships. We find that students who have the most success winning scholarships are that treat the scholarship search process as a part-time job. You can’t think of it as “regular” part-time job, however. Think of it more as a commission-based job. It is possible that you will put in a lot of work and not end up with any scholarships. But the more scholarships you apply for the more likely you are to get rewarded.


Before signing up for some of the resources below you might consider creating an email address that you use exclusively for scholarship searches. This will help keep you organized. Make sure you keep the e-mail address professional!


theWashBoard This new, free clearinghouse was designed as a student-centered site specifically for Washington students seeking college scholarships. Students create a profile and then their profile is matched to the scholarships in the database.
The College Board While the College Board is best known as the entity that manages the PSAT and SAT they also provide an adjunct scholarship search service.
Merit Aid This is an up and coming website that specializes in merit scholarships offered by colleges and universities. You can browse the scholarships of specific schools or you can create a profile and see your matches.
Sallie Mae National scholarship database that provides several organizational tools to help you navigate the large number of scholarships in their database.
Google As one of the top search engines on the internet Google can be a useful research tool for scholarships. To be effective, however, you cannot just Google “college scholarships.” Use the advanced search tool, keywords specific to your student profile, and Boolean search techniques to be more effective in your searches.
Social media Twitter and Facebook might not be your usual suspects when it comes to searching for scholarships, but that is quickly changing. Use techniques similar to the those for searching Google and you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find.
FastWeb This is among the largest and most popular of scholarship databases. You will see a lot of ads and “special offers.” Please think critically.
DFW International Scholarship opportunities for new Americans and minorities. It might take some time to sort through but you could find something that pays off.