New student registration

Our goal is to enroll students as quickly as possible.  Please follow the outline below to help expedite the enrollment process.  If you have any questions please contact Ms. Shirlee Morgan at 253.945.5407.

1. If student is currently enrolled at another school, please withdraw the student first.

2. Obtain the following documents from the student’s last school or from your personal records:

A. Unofficial transcripts
B. Immunizations
C. Discipline record
D. WASL/HSPE scores (or other state test scores)
E. Withdraw grades

3. Complete, sign, and bring in the following documents:

A. Enrollment and registration form
B. Health history
C. Sharing of student records
D. Emergency card (available in the counseling center)
E. Home language survey (available in the counseling center)
F. Rights & responsibilities acknowledgement (available in the counseling center)

4. Schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor and complete the registration process.