Time management

Arguably one of the most important skills students need to develop in high school is time management. Our students are involved in numerous activities outside of the classroom that both enhance their high school experience and prepare them for their post-secondary plans. Below is some information, both general and specific to FWHS, detailing how we can help students prioritize and manage their time effectively.


Classroom Presentations
This year the counselors went into all the 10th grade classrooms and did a presentation on time management. We used a worksheet to help students understand where they are currently spending their time and then helped them to evaluate how they could be more productive .
Individual Guidance
As we identify students that are struggling academically we provide interventions that include an assessment of their time management and strategies to help them allocate their time appropriately. In our work we use a worksheet or this online resource.


Additional Resources

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Book)

Tips on time management from the College Board (Website)