Phone numbers are 253.945.XXXX
Email addresses end with “”

 FW_No-photo  Diana 2011 Lasso 2011 FW_No-photo
Matt Oberst  Diana Thomas Richard Lasso
 Principal  Asst. Principal  Asst. Principal Asst. Principal
 moberst@ dithomas@ rlasso@ @
 x5426  x5512 x5404  x
  Long-Randy.jpg Klein 2013  LT 2011
Jamie Tough Randy Long Andrea Klein Larry Thornton
Dean of Students Dean of Students Nurse Discp. Specialist
jtough@ rlong@ anklein@ lthornto@
x5424 x5516 x5409 x5505


 Jacki Racus Judy Gonzalez Linda Louwsma CJ Green Paris Shelby
 Office manager  Secretary Secretary Bookkeeper Attendance Secretary
 jracus@ jgonzale@ llouwsma@ cgreen@ pshelby@
 x5401 x5402 x5403 x5412 x5419

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