Computational Fluency Grade Level Expectations

Grade Level Expectations for Computational Fluency
K Number recognition of numbers up to 120
Understanding of numbers that make 5 (2,3 or 1,4)
Understanding of what comes before and after a number
(Please see your child’s teacher for more!)
1 Accuracy with all addition facts 1.3-1.10
Fluency(speed) with levels 1.7 and 2.0
2 Accuracy and Fluency with: addition facts(1.3-1.9), subtraction facts(2.1-2.6), and two digit mental math test(3.0)
3 Accuracy and Fluency with all addition and subtraction facts(review from previous year)
Accuracy with multiplication facts
Fluency with multiplication facts for 1’s,2’s,5’s,10’s
Multiplying a single digit by a 2 digit number
Students understand the relationship between multiplication and division
4 Fluency and Accuracy with all multiplication and division facts
Multiplies up to 3 digit by 2 digit numbers (23 x 120)
5 Multiplication and division facts (review from previous year)
Addition and subtraction of decimals and fractions
Division with multiples of 10, estimation, multi-digit division

Please note that accuracy is the ability to answer the facts accurately.  Fluency indicates the ability to do it quickly.  We learn the facts first and then work on speed.  If your child is having trouble learning their facts they may need more work on understanding the concept before working on speed.

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