Jump Rope for Heart


Meredith Hill Elementary will be participating in “Jump Rope for Heart” again this year during P.E. Classes on February 22nd-25th.  If you would like join our team and be a part of the fundraising effort you can register online at our assigned school website below.


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Be More O-R-C-A

O: respOnsible
R: Respectful
C: Caring
A: sAfe

The move to 2016 brings us another word to focus on at Meredith Hill.  These next few months we will be concentrating on being “Respectful”.

At Meredith Hill during the months of October-December students focused on being “Responsible”.  Each time they were found being responsible a staff member would give them an Orca Ticket which we then displayed in our foyer.  Great job Orcas!




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Strategic Planning Initiative

Creating a vision for our children’s future.

Federal Way Public Schools has embarked on a Strategic Planning Initiative to develop the vision and direction for enhancing student achievement and success in the coming years.

The strategic plan will be our roadmap toward a future vision and provides unity, clarity and direction to the important work of the district.

In developing our plan, the District will use an approach that is inclusive and intentional and values all voices, and will continuously engage all stakeholders within the Federal Way Public Schools community.

This work must be collectively developed by members of our greater school community. There will be many opportunities to provide input on the Strategic Plan over the course of the year. The online survey is the initial effort to gather input, a series of forums for students, families and communities is another opportunity for participation.

We hope you’ll join in shaping what our school system should do and be for our community’s children.


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Join the school e-mail list….

Click here to subscribe to the Meredith Hill newsletter e-mail list.  You can access our newsletter page which has the most recent newsletter and archived newsletters from previous school years.


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2015-2016 School Calendar

School Calendar 2015-2016

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Click on the link below to help our school with Boxtops for Education!
Growing Local Learning

Send in your “Boxtops for Education” and “Campbell’s Labels for Education” to help our school!

Boxtops for Education

Campbell’s Labels for Education

List of Participating Products

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