Websites PreK-Grade 2

OLV Library (Links to many games and activities)

Mr. Harry Kindergarten Channel Great songs that teach k-2 reading, math and social skills. Reading and math skills for k-5
IXL Math practice Physics Games
Math Reading Multiple Subjects
Same or different Starfall Learn 4 Good
Finding Groups Seussville (Dr. Seuss Website) Kids Know It (Spelling, Science, Math)
How Many Storyline Online Loving 2 learn
Number Sentences (Addition) Picture Pairs Learning Planet
Taller/Shorter Reading Planet PBS Kids
Shape Match Kids and Games Noggin
Find the Missing Number BBC Animated Stories Sesame Street
Mend the Number Square BBC Word work Missing Picture
BBC Count Hoots (Addition/Subtraction) Literactive (Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Ebooks) BBC Activity Center
Coolmath-Games Eric Carle BBC DynaMo’s (Reading, Math, Science, History)
Kaboose Jan Brett BBC Digger and the Gang
Kids Numbers BBC Bitesize Level 1
Illuminations (Addition, subtraction, geometry, graphing) BBC Mike and Mollie
Doubles Addition BBC Students
Test the Toad (Addition) Kid Songs (You Tube Videos)
Counting to 100 (Number order) Discovery Education (Homework help, Games, lessons)
Rock Hopper (addition) BBC Bitesize Level 2
Capacity (Count Us In) Sheppards Software
Number order (Count Us In) Online Math Help & Learning Resources
Time (Digital/Analog- Count Us In) Internet 4 classrooms (Grade level skill help)
Subtraction (Count Us In) Poptropica/Funbrain
Counting to 5 (Count Us In) Cyberkidz (Math, Reading, Geography, Arts, Music, Science)
Counting to 10 (Count US In)
Counting and Number Words
Beginning Addition
Ordinal Numbers
Subtraction (#s up to 20)
BBC Starship Math