Components of AVID

Components of AVID Elementary

ORGANIZATION is the Foundation

• Organizational tool/binder set up across the target grade level
• Agenda/planner in consistent use and accountability in place across the target grade level
• Time management strategies in place
• Goal setting, with expectations to be established and in place, with defined boundaries, for consistent progress and success.

STUDENT SUCCESS SKILLS    The Hidden Curriculum should be explained, practices, and reinforced on a consistent basis for success

• Listening skills
• Speaking skills
• Paying attention to the right details
• Study skills and learning style preferences

WICOR is the Framework in Lessons

• Writing to learn with clear thinking across the curriculum
• Inquiry engages students with their own thinking process
• Collaboration brings personal responsibility and respect to the classroom and to classroom discussions
• Organization, both physically and mentally on the part of the student and teacher, creates solid active
• Reading to learn will increased content literacy, handling increasingly more difficult texts and tasks

 BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS are the Keys to Life-long Success

• Articulation among grade level, sites, and across the district
• Transition and strong partnerships between grade levels, sites, and families
• Respect, responsibility, and support in the classroom establishes a safe place to attempt, fail, and  succeed