Star Lake Elementary
Title 1 / Lap Program

Star Lake has one full time instructional coach and two full time interventionists funded by Title 1/LAP monies.

Schools within the district who have 35% or more of their students qualifying for free & reduced lunch may receive Title 1 funds. The number of low-income students attending the school helps determine how much Title money each school receives. The district determines how to allocate LAP dollars to support students specifically in K-3 reading.

Schools receiving these funds:

–Identify the students at their school who need the most educational assistance based on the criteria that school has chosen. Students do NOT have to be from low-income families to receive Title 1 services.

–Set goals for improving the skills of students who qualify for intervention.

–Measure student progress to determine the success of the program for each student.

–Individualize student instruction in order to support/supplement regular classroom instruction.

Families of students receiving intervention are notified by the interventionists and receive updates on student growth and progress.

Identified students in grades K-3 receive LAP funded support in reading.

Identified students in grades K-5 receive Title funded support in reading and/or math.

Most often students receiving intervention services meet once a day for about 30 minutes in a small group setting and work on specific reading and/or math skills and concepts.

Interventionists also team with teachers and push in to classrooms to provide support in some grade levels and with some groups.

Nicola Beckman  and Adrian Meissner are our interventionists.

Please contact them if you have any questions about your child’s intervention services and progress.