Speech Team wins BIG!

Congratulations to the speech team for competing at the most successful tournament in school history this past Saturday at UW-Tacoma. It was the largest team TAF Academy has ever taken to a tournament, and this resulted in a school record 6 trophies earned.

Congrats to Favour Orji in Oratory, Michelle Melonson and Marvin Aguirre in Duo, and Michele also in Dramatic Interpretation. A very special congratulations to Lia Miranda, the Tournament Champion in Extemporaneous Speaking, and Olyvia Salter, the Tournament Champion in Interpretive Reading.

The speech team competes again this weekend at Tahoma.


TAF Academy Speech Team


TAF Academy Speech Team Trophy Winners

STEM Expo Pitch Event a HUGE Success!

TAF Academy hosted its first STEM Expo Pitch Event on Thursday, November 13th, 2014 at the Impact Hub Seattle. Over 75 people came out to participate, spectate, and support the seventeen students who represented the ten top pitch videos that were submitted and reviewed in the weeks leading up to the event. The even was a huge success, and the students did an amazing job showcasaing their work. The following is a list of the students and projects that were presented:

Rose Sanders, Roman Gidenko, and Tolu Amudipe – 10th grade – Media Biases Affecting Perception
Samuel Yun, Kevin Vo, and Steve Shannon-Sevillano – 7th grade – Green Energy
Ericka Pegues – 12th grade – Diversifying the National Marrow Registry
Logan Arntzen and Jennifer Ruiz – 8th grade – Promoting Gender Equality in a Work Setting: Study with a 5th grade population
Christian Lockley – 7th grade – Unlocking the Non-Wifi Connection
Annette Acheampong and Yohaira Malabad – 9th and 11th grade – Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charger
Max Birkeland – 6th grade – Biodegradable Packing Peanuts
Anna Sherles and Celest Doney-Newberry – 8th grade – Photonic Fence
Larissa Ho – 12th grade – Women in STEM: Gender Discrimination Study and Women’s Symposium
Torri Brown – 10th grade – Convention on Ethics of Transhumanism

We are so proud of the work these students and the rest of the student body has put forth on these projects and cannot wait to see where they take them between now and January 24th (STEM Expo date).

Part of the event also included an audience choice award, which was voted to be Torri Brown. All projects recieved a giant $100 check (redeemable for a $100 gift certificate) that will go toward covering part of the cost of their project.

A huge thanks to parents, teachers, and staff that have supported this effort! Follow the progress on projects between now and STEM Expo, and come out and see the finished products on January 24th, 2015!

TAF Academy Speech Team Update

On Saturday November 8th, the TAF Academy Speech Team competed in their first tournament of the year. Eleven students attended with eight participating in a variety of speaking events. Senior Olyvia Salter placed 3rd overall in Interpretive Reading and qualified for the state tournament in March. Senior Larissa Ho finished 2nd overall in Original Oratory. The team continues competition through March.

Congratulations to all who attended the event!


STEM EXPO Pitch Event

For the past couple of months, TAF Academy students have been hard at work planning their STEM Expo projects. This year, we had students formulate and record a 5 minute pitch for their plans for their project, and those pitch videos have now been reviewed by teachers and external professionals. It has been an incredible effort on the students’ and teachers’ parts, and this first phase of the STEM Expo process will culminate with a live Pitch Event at the Impact Hub in Seattle. From over 100 pitch videos that were submitted by students, we narrowed it down to 35 semi-finalist projects, and lastly to 10 finalists who will do the live presentation at the Impact Hub. The names of the students that make up these 10 projects as well as their project titles are listed below:

6th Grade:
Max Birkeland – “Biodegradable Packing Peanuts”
7th Grade:
Christian Lockley – “Unlocking the Non-Wifi Connection”
Samuel Yun, Kevin Vo, Steve Shannon-Sevillano – “Using Green Energy to Power Handheld Devices”
8th Grade:
Logan Arntzen, Jennifer Ruiz – “Promoting Gender Equality in a Work Setting: Study with a 5th Grade Population”
Anna Sherles, Celest Doney-Newberry – “Photonic Fence”
9th and 11th Grade:
Annette Acheampong, Yohairah Malabad – “Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charger”
10th Grade:
Rose Sanders, Roman Gidenko, Tolu Amudipe – “Media Biases Affecting Perception”
Torri Brown – “Convention on Ethics of Trans humanism”
12th Grade:
Ericka Pegues – “Increasing Diversity in Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Registry”
Larissa Ho – “Women in STEM: Gender Discrimination Study and Women’s Symposium”

These 17 young scientists and engineers will represent TAF Academy in our first Pitch Event. The event will be held on Thursday, November 13th from 6 – 8 pm at the Impact Hub – 220 2nd Ave S., Seattle, WA 98104. We are inviting parents and community members to attend this event and support our students. The presenting students will get to do a live 5 minute pitch of their proposed project, will get recognized for their efforts and receive a small amount of funding toward purchasing supplies, and will get to network with and receive feedback from various organizations and community professionals attending the event.

Please go to the following link to RSVP – http://tafapitch2014.splashthat.com/ We hope to see you there!

Final 10 GroupPic