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We are doing Great things at Thomas Jefferson

Create Your World in Ours.  TJ is an IB World School.

Thomas Jefferson High School is an authorized IB Middle Years Program (MYP) School

What Does This Mean?
The IB Middle Years Program (MYP) provides a framework for academic challenge and life skills that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world and become critical and reflective thinkers.

Although the MYP curriculum is challenging, it is meant for ALL students. Every student in grades 6-10 will participate in the Middle Years Program. Our educators realize that there are a variety of learners, and it is our goal to teach each type of learner. The MYP focuses on implementing the best practices of teaching, and this will help us include all students. Another focus of the MYP is helping students determine how they learn so that they can develop study methods that are most effective for them.

What are the MYP Fundamental Concepts?

The fundamental concepts are guiding principles for the overall implementation of curriculum. The three fundamental concepts are communication, intercultural awareness and holistic education.

Communication In a world where information has increased exponentially and can be shared in so many ways, it is important for our students to have strong communication skills. These skills include reading, writing, speaking, listening and preparing audio and visual presentations.

Intercultural awareness is concerned with developing students’ awareness about their culture as well as that of others. Thomas Jefferson High School has a rich history and a diverse student population. The goal of this concept is to develop empathy and understanding of other cultures.

Holistic education is the concept concerned with the interrelatedness of all disciplines. Students in the MYP are expected to study eight subjects: Career and Technical Education (CTE), English, Fine Arts, Math, Physical Education/Health, Science, Social Studies, and World Language. However, there are connections between all of the disciplines.

The IB MYP Student and the Learner Profile

The aim of all IB programs is to develop internationally-minded people who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, helping to create a better and more peaceful world.

MYPIB Learners strive to be:

Inquirers – developing natural curiosity
Knowledgeable –
developing understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines
Thinkers –
exercisinginitiative in applying critical thinking skills
Communicators –
confidently expressing ideas and information
Principled –
acting with integrity and honesty
Open Minded –
understanding and appreciating personal cultures and other people’s cultures
Caring –
displaying empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others
Risk Takers
– approaching uncertainty with courage and forethought
Balanced –
understanding the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance
– assessing and understanding personal strengths and limitations

I will share more information about the MYP in future newsletters. Please click on the IB MYP icon on our home page for more information.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the Middle Years Program.

Liz Drake

Thomas Jefferson Principal

TJHS Mission Statement:

Thomas Jefferson High School aims to provide a safe, secure, and diverse environment that encourages students to be active, life-long learners.  We will do this by providing challenging curricular programs that foster inquiring, knowledgeable, internationally-minded, and caring young people who actively strive to create a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.