Enrollment forms

1.  Thomas Jefferson Pre-Enrollment Form

2.   Enrollment & Registration Form – Number 203 (784K PDF)

  • Please make sure that both pages of the application are completed.
  • Remember to include the parent signature and date.

3.   Student Health Report (95K PDF) Number 0420

  • PAGE ONE should be filled out.
  • PAGE TWO is optional.

4.   Home Language Survey
English          Español        한국어          Chương trình        Pусский         українська

5.   Release of Directory Information FERPA Number 206 (Yearly)

    • Should be filled out and returned to school ONLY if you wish to prohibit or restrict the sharing of some or all of your student’s information as described by the Federal Law known as FERPA.

English     Español    한국어     Pусский

6.   User Agreement & Parent Permission (to use Electronic Information System) Number 2022.2P

  • Should be completed and returned each year

7.   Complete a Graduation Plan

8.   U.S. Department of Education, Office of Indian Education, TITLE VII STUDENT ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATION to be completed by those of Native American descent.