Graduation Requirements

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Graduation Requirements
Class of 2016
Class of 2017
Class of 2018
Class of 2019

Complete a 13th Year Plan:

13th Year Plan is due
no later than April 29 , 2016.

Pass The HSPE/SBA and Math EOC

13th Year Plan: To see a sample project, click here

Since 2008, all students have had to complete a 13th Year Plan to graduate.  Many students receive time in various classes to work on their projects and plans, and we strongly encourage all students to utilize the resources available to them as they work toward completion.  Joy Dickson, Guidance Support Specialist, is also happy to provide support as needed.

If your child is not a full-time Thomas Jefferson High School Student and attends an off-campus program such as Running Start, PSSC, Vital, etc., he/she is still required to complete the 13th Year Plan. The “off-campus” advisor for this work is Joy Dickson, Guidance Support Specialist.

Questions About Credits?

Brooke Scheib, Counselor
Students A-G
Kristen Leon, Counselor
Students H-K
Cheryl Brandes, Counselor
Students L-O
Shelby Namba, Counselor
Students P-Z

Have Specific Questions?

Questions about Career / College including College Visits to TJ
Eileen Restrepo, Career & College Specialist

Questions about the 13th Year Plan
Joy Dickson, Guidance Support Specialist

Questions about the HSPE & Math/Biology End of Course assessment requirements for graduation
Paige Stines, Curriculum Support Specialist