Attendance: Please report planned absences in advance.  Students’ guardians must submit a written note promptly after a student absence in order for the absence to be excused.

Contact: Mrs Johnson, 253-945-5603


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Regular school attendance and participation is essential for your student’s mastery of the educational program.  There are also state laws that require that all children under the age of 18 attend school every day.

The Thomas Jefferson High School student handbook outlines our school attendance policies and procedures.  This letter is to clarify and highlight some of those policies and procedures so that you have a better understanding of how they work, and you know who to communicate with whenever issues or questions arise.

Tardy Policy (As it appears in the Student Handbook/Planner, page 21)

  • If a student arrives less than ten minutes late to class, they will go directly to class and will be marked tardy.
  • If a student arrives ten minutes after the bell has rung, they will be marked as absent, until they check in at the attendance office before going to class.
  • Repeated tardiness will be subject to disciplinary action.

Excused Absences or Tardies

  • A parent or legal guardian may excuse absences or tardies by writing a note or by phoning the attendance office at 253-945-5603 with the reason for the absence, name of the parent, and a daytime telephone number.
  • Students with continuous tardies or absences, excused or unexcused, may be required to attend a conference with their parents and an administrator.
  • Absences not covered by a telephone call or parental note within 2 school days of the absences will be deemed unexcused.

Off campus passes/Early dismissal

  • Off-campus passes are to be pre-arranged and taken care of on student time (before school, during lunch, or after school).
  • Students who must leave the school campus during the school day for any reason MUST SIGN OUT THROUGH THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE PRIOR to leaving campus.
  • A parent may check their student out of school with a written note.  If a parent shows up to remove their student from school, they will be required to show their ID.

I received a phone call that my student was tardy or absent, but my student says he/she was present

  • Have your student go to the attendance office, where they will receive a print-out of that particular absence.  The student will then take the print-out to their teacher for correction, if it was in error.  Return the corrected print-out to the attendance office for update in the system.

My student is sick and needs to go home

  • If your student is sick, they must notify their teacher, go to the nurse and the nurse will contact a parent/guardian for pick-up.  THE STUDENT SHOULD NOT TEXT OR CALL PARENTS FROM THE CLASSROOM.

Thank you for your cooperation with these policies and procedures.  Please call the attendance office at

253-945-5603 if you have any questions.

Paul Lagerstedt, Dean of Students


It is important in any educational program that students be punctual and regular in their attendance. State law also mandates attendance through the BECCA process. The education process requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation which is lost with excessive absences. Regular attendance also establishes habits of punctuality and dependability, qualities that will be valuable to students throughout their adult lives.
Home instruction is available for students with a medically prescribed confinement that will be of one month duration or longer which is verified by a physician (P & R 5113, RCW 28A.27.010).