Biology End of Course (EOC) resources

Previously you should have received a letter informing you that your son or daughter is required to take the Biology End of Course (EOC) assessment as part of the Washington State graduation requirements. This letter indicated that since your student is not currently enrolled in a Biology class, Thomas Jefferson will provide additional support to help provide the knowledge and skills needed to be successful. As previously mentioned, approximately sixty percent of the EOC assesses general science concepts of scientific investigations, measurements, systems, scientific method, and inquiry that are covered in all of the science classes taught at TJ. To address the biology specific content, the science classes in which sophomores are enrolled will begin integrating biology concepts into the curriculum.

Biology content will be introduced in class at the beginning of the week and a brief review session will be conducted in class on that Friday.


Unit 1 Biology and the Scientific Method Intro to biology and the scientific method Introduction to Biology Notes
 Unit 2 Cells Cells Cells_Notes
 Unit 3 Chemistry
  •  Chemistry of Life
Chem review and bonding Chemistry of life notes
  •  Macromolecules
 Macromolecules Macromolecules notes
 Unit 4 Cells and their Environment Cells and their environment Diffusion and osmosis notes
 Unit 5 Photosynthesis
  •  The nature of Light
 The nature of Light Nature of light notes
  •  Photosynthesis
 Photosynthesis Photosynthesis notes
 Unit 6 Cellular Respiration  Cellular respiration Cellular respiration notes
 Unit 7 Genetics  Genetics Genetics Notes
 Unit 8 Cell Division
  •  Mitosis Meiosis
Mitosis Meiosis Mitosis Meiosis notes
  •  Segregation and independent assortment
Segregation and independent assortment The Laws of Segregation notes
Unit 9 DNA and Protein Synthesis DNA and gene expression DNA gene expression notes
Unit 10 Evolution
  • Adaptations
Adaptations Adaptation notes
  • Mutations
Mutations Mutations notes
  • Evolution and Natural Selection
Evolution and natural selection Evolution and natural selection notes
  • Evidence for Evolution
    • Paleontology
    • Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary biology
    • Developmental Biology
Developmental Biology
    • Physical Anthropology
Physical anthropology   Evidence notes
Unit 11 Ecology Ecology powerpoint  Ecology notes