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Thomas Jefferson’s Black Student Union

BSU started out in the school year 2010-2011, but was not sustained due to a lack of direction and student participation. BSU was re-constituted in school year 2011-2012 with new faculty advisers and a broader vision. These new advisers wanted to inspire all students of color to become active contributing members of their school climate — to dare to achieve and not just sit idly by and let another school year pass without making a positive impact on campus.

Our very first meeting was held on 9-08-11 with 33 students in attendance. These students talked about their expectations for this club and some issues they wanted to see addressed. It was very enlightening. We talked about some community service projects that could be undertaken as a group. They also wanted to bring back their “Step Team” (dance team). But, our most pressing issue was funding. As a new club, there were no funds in our club account. We came up with a great fundraiser that helped to fund most of our activities.

2013-2014 BSU Sponsored Activities:

  • Participated in “Welcome Freshman Night”
  • Eyeglass collection for “OneSight Program”
  • Monthly Speaker Series
  • 2nd “Diversity Teen Summit”
  • Adopted a family @ Thanksgiving
  • Friday Movie Nights
  • Attended “Black & Brown Summit”
  • “Spirit of Giving” Participants
  • Used Clothing Drive Fundraiser
  • Attend BOLD (Black Opportunity & Leadership Day) @ UW Bothell
  • Cultural Fair/Canned Food Drive/Spaghetti Feed


2012-2013 BSU-Sponsored Activities:

Held 1st “Diversity Teen Summit”

  •   Hosted monthly movie nights
  •   Begin monthly guest speaker series @ BSU meetings.  (Speakers spoke on issues relevant to students’ needs and concerns.
  • Lobbied @ WA State Capitol with “One America”
  • Participated in TJ’s “High School Planning Night”
  • Attended “Black & Brown Male Summit” @ Highline Community College
  • Participated in MLK Assembly
  • Participated in TJ’s “Spirit of Giving”
  • Hosted Cultural Fair/Spaghetti Feed/Canned Food Drive Night

2011-2012 BSU-Sponsored Activities:

  • BSU adopted the ECAP Program as their club project. They took turns reading to the young children one day a week. They also donated enough food to provide for two ECAP families during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Some of our students attended “Essence of Success” (2-day Diversity Recruitment & Outreach program presented by UW), and “Gangs, Drugs vs. Education—Who’s Winning?” (one day workshop presented at PLU. At the end of the PLU workshop, our students participated in a “Step” competition..
  • BSU members, over a two-week period, collected old prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for the OneSight Program. They were delivered to the Sears Optic Department (donation site for OneSight). They also took part in TJ’s “Spirit of Giving” by granting the wish of a child’s name they pulled.
  • BSU sponsored its first MLK Community Service Dance. It was also a canned food drive. There were over 100 participants.
  • BSU held a Cultural Fair/Spaghetti Feed Night during Black History Month (February). It was a great turnout with participation from several diverse cultures.
  • BSU’s “Diversity Teen Summit” had to be rescheduled for a later date because of unforeseen events.All in all, our 1st year was a very busy and successful one. School year 2012-2013 promises to be even busier.

Look for BSU to be everywhere this school year (2012-2013). We have some great fundraisers and just fun activities for everyone to be a part of. Don’t miss out on our “Movie Night” coming up September 28, 2012.

Our “Diversity Teen Summit” has been rescheduled for November 3, 2012. We are expecting participation from several surrounding school districts.

If you are looking for a club to join that is fun and rewarding, come check us out! Our meeting schedule is included in this brochure. We hope to see you there!