CAS – Creativity Action Service

DP_Eng webAlong with Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay, CAS creates the center of the IB diploma hexagon. It is required for full diploma candidates but certificate candidates are encouraged to participate as well.

The Creativity, Action and Service component shows IB’s commitment to graduating well rounded global citizens who are prepared to lead healthy productive lives and be leaders in their communities and the world.

The CAS component should comprise of roughly one-hundred and fifty hours of activity that extend at least over an 18 month period.

There must be a reasonable balance between the three areas of community, action and service.

Successful completion will be judged not on the number of hours but whether or not the student has meet the following eight learning outcomes:

  1. Increased your awareness of you own strengths and areas for growth
  2. Undertaken new challenges
  3. Planned and initiated activities
  4. Worked collaboratively with others
  5. Shown perseverance and commitment to their activities
  6. Engage with issues of global importance
  7. Considered the ethical implications of their actions
  8. Developed new skills

What do I turn in?


Students will show they have achieved the eight outcomes with a portfolio of evidence. Each student must provide ten pieces of evidence that include meaningful reflection indicating how the activities met the outcomes.

Your portfolio needs to include a log that acts as a table of contents for your evidence, a digital copy of this is on the website along with an optional template for your evidence and reflections and a Power Point.

Portfolios are due MAY 17th of a full IB student’s senior year.

Reflection Template           CAS Log


  • You are required to meet with your advisor once your junior year and twice your senior year. Take advantage of this time and ask them to help you brainstorm projects, plan your evidence and work on quality reflection.
  • Come to meetings for CAS to get additional information and look at samples of evidence protfolios
  • Email lists have been created to update students on workshops and activities you can participate in. Note: these will be fueled BY YOU. You must notify Ms. Gilbert if you want her to advertise your event!
  • For further information: Robin Gilbert  or portable 9 during 5th and 7th period.