Career and Technical Education Department Staff

CTE Department

Staff Name Email Phone Title/Syllabi Webpage
Andrea Beck 253-945-5627 IB Visual Arts Syllabus
Applied Art Syllabus 2
Andrew Buchan 253-945-5648 Speech course objectives 2013
TJTV course objectives 2013
Mark Conlee 253-945-5794 IB Studies Alg 2 Syllabus
Alg 2 Syllabus
Ext Alg CD Syllabus
Mr Conlee’s Math Class
Ed Crossan 253-945-5690 Art, Photography
Connie Davolt 253-945-5746 Business Marketing and DECA
Tommy Decker 253-945-5682 CTE,Science
bio standards based syllabus core syllabus forensics standards based syllabus 2013-14
Susanne Font 253-945-5635 Business Dept
Laura Hall 253-945-5658 High School to Life
Traci LaRoche 253-945-5662 ProStart
Nutrition & Wellness
Lance Roberts 253-945-5692 CTE Pottery Syllabus
Paul Ruston 253-945-5689 Photography
Tom Seyss 253-945-5628  Graphic Arts/Yearbook
Leah Song 253-945-5662 Family&Consumer Science
Monica Watchie 253-945-5695 13-14 Weight Training-Watchie
13-14 Emergency Response
Emergency Response
Jeremie Welch 253-945-5691 Construction