Social Studies Staff

Social Studies Department

Staff Name Email Phone Title/Syllabi Webpage
Mike Church 253-945-5633
Robin Hall 253-945-5728 MYP Humanities 9X IB Anthropology
Steven Hall 253-945-5756 Mr Hall’s class calendar
Natasha Jetton 253-945-5674
Jebadiah Lillejord 253-945-5754
Gretchen Mahon 253-945-5677   SrToK Syllabus13-14
9th Hum Syllabus13_14 Mahon
Ms Mahon’s class calendar
Kelsey Otto Humanities/English
Chris Price 253-945-5641
Rebecca Stork 253-945-5722  Humanities 10M Syllabus 2013
Humanities 10X Syllabus 2013
IB History Of the Americas
Amy Sutherland 253-945-5645
Sara Tenzler 253-945-5729 IB Psychology syllabus
MYP Humanities 
Blake West