Staff S-T

Staff Name Email Phone Syllabi Webpage
Tamara Salvatierra 253-945-5717
Sonja Sawyer 253-945-5606 Nutrition Services
Bea Sawyer-Bennet 253-945-5621 ISS
Kathy Scanlon 253-945-5792 ELL Paraeducator
Brooke Scheib 253-945-5607 Counseling
Marilyn Schumacher 253-945-5641
Tom Seyss 253-945-5628 Graphic Arts/Yearbook
Carol Slaughter 253-945-5609 Nurse
Karen Smith 253-945-5606 Nutrition Services
Mahfusa Sobitova Science
Leah Song 253-945-5662
Todd Soper 253-945-5721
Diane Sorenson 253-945-5792 ELL Paraeducator
Rob Sorvig 253-945-5651 Calculus and Precalc.
Paige Stines 253-945-5670 Testing/Curriculum Support Specialist Testing and Evaluation
Rebecca Stork 253-945-5722 Humanities 10M Syllabus 2013
Humanities 10X Syllabus 2013
IB History Of the Americas
Tiffany Suggt 253-945-5606 Nutrition Services
Amy Sutherland 253-945-5645
Barbara Talney 253-945-5654
Sara Tenzler 253-945-5729 IB Psychology syllabus
MYP Humanities 
Laird Thornton 253-945-5629 Choral Music Dept. website is not endorsed or maintained by TJ or FWPS
Shawn Timulak 253-945-5718