Staff directory

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To phone a staff member, dial (253) 945-XXXX.
Emails generally follow the format: first name initial + first seven letters of last  (For example, a staff member named Thomas Jefferson would be tjeffers)


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Chacón Adrienne Principal STA_STA_CHACON_ADRIENNE ext 5614 achacon
Bender Laurie Assistant Principal STA_STA_BENDER_LAURIE ext 5612 lbender
Nichols Paul Assistant Principal STA_STA_NICHOLS_PAUL ext 5613 pnichols
Storm Christian Assistant Principal Storm ext 5701 cstorm
Holden Gracie Dean of Students/Athletic Director STA_STA_HOLDEN_GRACIE ext 5742 gholden
Wright Keith Dean of Students STA_STA_WRIGHT_KEITH ext 5742 kwright
Zenisek Jeff Dean of Students STA_STA_ZENISEK_JEFF ext 5706 jzenisek
Tilford Offc.Travis School Resource Officer silhouette_head-man ext 5637 ttilford


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Bobadilla Adi Secretary – Counseling / Registrar STA_STA_BOBADILLA_ADILENE ext 5604 abobadil
Brandes Cheryl Counselor – Last Names L-O STA_STA_BRANDES_CHERYL ext 5608 cbrandes
Heuser Kim Speech-Language Pathologist STA_STA_HEUSER_KIM ext 5647 kheuser
Howell Greg Psychologist STA_STA_HOWELL_GREG ext 5647 ghowell
Leon Kristen Counselor – Last Names H-K STA_STA_LEON_KRISTEN ext 5608 kleon
Lewis Jeff Psychologist STA_STA_LEWIS_JEFF ext 5647 jlewis
Namba Shelby Counselor – Last Names P-Z STA_STA_NAMBA_SHELBY_01 ext 5605 snamba
Radford KC Speech-Language Pathologist female-silhouette ext 5647 kradford
Scheib Brooke Counselor – Last Names A-G STA_STA_SCHEIB_BROOKE ext 5607 bscheib


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Boivin Roger Chief Custodian            STA_STA_BOIVIN_ROGER ext 5611 rboivin
Bennett Alan Custodian STA_STA_BENNETT_ALAN ext 5611 abennett
Davenport Dan Custodian silhouette_head-man ext 5611 ddavenpo
Johnson Doris Custodian STA_STA_JOHNSON_DORIS ext 5611 djohnson
Nizelskaya Ivorika Custodian female-silhouette ext 5611 inizelsk
Rarick James Custodian STA_STA_RARICK_JIM ext 5611 jrarick
Ross Rose Custodian STA_STA_ROSS_ROSE ext 5611 rross


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Alexander Gary GEAR UP STA_STA_ALEXANDER_GARY ext 5752 galexand
Desuze Sudon Learning Facilitator STA_STA_DESUZE_SUDON ext 5757 sdesuze
Dickson Joy Guidance Support Specialist STA_STA_DICKSON_JOY ext 5709 jdickson
Francisco Soraia “Miss Papaya” Communities in Schools female-silhouette ext 5704 sfrancis
Gilbert Stephanie GEAR UP STA_STA_GILBERT_STEPHANIE ext 5727 sgilbert
Restrepo Eileen Career & College Specialist STA_STA_RESTREPO_EILEEN ext 5617 erestrep
Runsvold Christian Library female-silhouette
ext 5636 crunsvol
Smith Karen Kitchen Manager STA_STA_SMITH_KAREN ext 5606 kasmith
Stines Paige Curriculum Support/Testing STA_STA_STINES_PAIGE ext 5670 pstines
Bowsher Sarai Para-Educator STA_STA_BOWSHER_SARAI ext 5679 sbowsher
Gutierrez Heidi Para-Educator STA_STA_GUTIERREZ_HEIDI ext 5620 hgutierr
Henry Mary Para-Educator STA_STA_HENRY_MARY ext 5660 mhenry
Johnson Tara Para-Educator STA_STA_JOHNSON_TARA ext 5678 tjohnson
Kahookele Stayci-Lee Para-Educator STA_STA_KAHOOKELE_STAYCI ext 5620 skahooke
Logan Nancy Para-Educator STA_STA_LOGAN_NANCY nlogan
Matthews Lori Para-Educator STA_STA_MATTHEWS_LORI ext 5661 lmatthew
Mc Quade Naomi Para-Educator STA_STA_MC_QUADE_NAOMI ext 5620 nmcquade
Milton Howard Joanne Para-Educator STA_STA_MILTON-HOWARD_JOANNE ext 5620 jmilton
Person Marcia Para-Educator STA_STA_JOHNSON_MARCIA ext 5680 majohnso
Rivera Kelly Para-Educator STA_STA_RIVERA_KELLY ext 5672 krivera
Sawyer-Bennett Bea Para-Educator STA_STA_SAWYER-BENNETT_BEA ext 5621 bsawyer
Scanlon Kathy Para-Educator female-silhouette kscanlon
Swope Courtney Para-Educator STA_STA_SWOPE_COURTNEY ext 5620 cswope
Watson Nicole Para-Educator STA_STA_WATSON_NICOLE ext 5664 nwatson
Albrecht Deanna Secretary – Athletics STA_STA_ALBRECHT_DEANNA ext 5650 dalbrech
Johnson Laura Secretary – Attendance STA_STA_JOHNSON_LAURA ext 5603 lajohnso
Johnson Traci Secretary – Becca/Discipline STA_STA_JOHNSON_TRACI ext 5748 trjohnso
Bobadilla Adi Secretary – Counseling / Registrar STA_STA_BOBADILLA_ADILENE ext 5604 abobadil
Wilson Nancy Secretary – Data STA_STA_WILSON_NANCY ext 5618 nwilson
Printz Julie Secretary – Finance STA_STA_PRINTZ_JULIE ext 5625 jprintz
Basilio Graciela Secretary – Main Office STA_STA_BASILIO_GRACIELA ext 5602 gbasilio
Eaton Lorrie Secretary – Main Office female-silhouette ext 5708 leaton
Goings Kisha Secretary – Office Manager STA_STA_GOINGS_KISHA ext 5601 kgoings


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Beck Andrea Pottery, Art Teacher STA_STA_BECK_ANDREA ext 5688 abeck
Buchan Andrew Teacher, TJTV, Speech  silhouette_head-man ext 5648 abuchan
Crossan Ed Teacher: Graphic Design, Video Production STA_STA_CROSSAN_ED ext 5690 ecrossan
Davolt Connie Teacher: DECA, Business        STA_STA_DAVOLT_CONNIE ext 5746 cdavolt
Font Susanne Teacher: Business, Web Design STA_STA_FONT_SUSANNE ext 5635 sfont
Hall Laura Teacher: HS to Life, Fam Psych, Nutrition STA_STA_HALL_LAURA ext 5658 lahall
La Roche Traci Teacher: Nutrition, ProStart female-silhouette ext 5662 tlaroche
Lee Carol Teacher: Art, IB TOK STA_STA_LEE_CAROL ext 5755 clee
Roberts Lance Teacher: Pottery silhouette_head-man ext 5692 lroberts
Ruston Paul Teacher: Photography STA_STA_RUSTON_PAUL ext 5689 pruston
Seyss Tom Teacher: Yearbook, Photography STA_STA_SEYSS_TOM ext 5632 tseyss
Song Leah Teacher: Child Dev, Teacher Academy STA_STA_SONG_LEAH ext 5662 lsong
Watchie Monica Teacher: EMT STA_STA_WATCHIE_MONICA ext 5695 mwatchie
Welch Jeremie Teacher: Woodshop, CAPP STA_STA_WELCH_JEREMIE ext 5691 jwelch


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Bullock Penny Teacher  STA_STA_BULLOCK_PENNY ext 5639 pbullock
Cuaresma Jake Teacher  silhouette_head-man ext 5673 jcuaresm
Goakey Jessica Teacher  female-silhouette ext 5633 jgoakey
Greb Jon Teacher  STA_STA_GREB_JONATHAN ext 5638 jgreb
Kraabel Karen Teacher  STA_STA_KRAABEL_KAREN ext 5720 kkraabel
Moon Shonda Teacher  STA_STA_MOON_SHONDA ext 5642 smoon
Salvatierra Tamara Teacher  female-silhouette ext 5717 tsalvati
Schumacher Marilyn Teacher  STA_STA_SCHUMACHER_MARILYN ext 5641 maschuma
Springfield Jamarkus Teacher  STA_STA_SPRINGFIELD_JAMARKUS ext 5676 jspringf
Wilson Shannon Teacher  STA_STA_WILSON_SHANNON ext 5643 shwilson
Winslow Shari Teacher  STA_STA_WINSLOW_SHARI ext 5644 swinslow


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Henderson Kristiana ELL Teacher STA_STA_HENDERSON_KRISTIANA ext 5753 khenders
Kim Lena ELL Teacher STA_STA_KIM_LENA ext 5715 (Voicemail Only) lkim
Reynolds Todd ELL Teacher STA_STA_REYNOLDS_TODD ext 5714 treynold


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Furlow Alex Teacher silhouette_head-man ext 5793 afurlow
Gilmore Amanda Teacher STA_STA_GILMORE_AMANDA ext 5677 agilmore
Edens Ashley Long-term Sub for Robin Hall STA_STA_EDENS_ASHLEY ext 5728 aedens
Hall Steven Teacher STA_STA_HALL_STEVEN ext 5756 sthall
Hobbs Duskin Teacher STA_STA_HOBBS_DUSKIN ext 5791 dhobbs
Juergens Chris Teacher STA_STA_JUERGENS_CHRIS ext 5792 cjuergen
Mahon Gretchen Teacher female-silhouette ext 5754 gmahon
Redling Peter Teacher STA_STA_REDLING_PETER ext 5711 – (Voicemail Only) predling
Sutherland Amy Teacher female-silhouette ext 5645 asutherl
Tenzler Sara Teacher STA_STA_TENZLER_SARA ext 5729 stenzler
West Blake Teacher STA_STA_WEST_BLAKE ext 5794 bwest


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Brown Arielle Math Teacher STA_STA_BROWN_ARIELLE ext 5652 arbrown
Brown James Math Teacher STA_STA_BROWN_JAMES ext 5649 jbrown
Cole Harvey Math Teacher STA_STA_COLE_HARVEY ext 5675 hcole
Dahl Dina Math Teacher female-silhouette ext 5653 ddahl
Mitchell Justin Math Teacher STA_STA_MITCHELL_JUSTIN ext 5619 jmitchel
Norris Tom Math Teacher silhouette_head-man ext 5655 tnorris
Olyano Awsten Math Teacher STA_STA_OLYANO_AWSTEN ext 5674 aolyano
Saed Lena Math Teacher female-silhouette ext 5736 (Voicemail Only) lsaed
Sorvig Rob Math Teacher STA_STA_SORVIG_ROB ext 5651 rsorvig
Talney Barbara Math Teacher female-silhouette ext 5654 btalney
Wallace Sandy Math Teacher STA_STA_WALLACE_SANDY ext 5634 swallace
Williamson Carl Math Teacher silhouette_head-man ext 5659 cawillia


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Lewis Mike Music Teacher: Band  STA_STA_LEWIS_MIKE ext 5630 mlewis
Thornton Laird Music Teacher: Choir,Theater  silhouette_head-man ext 5629 lthornto
Walworth Tom Music Teacher: Orchestra  silhouette_head-man ext 5707 twalwort


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Davis Amy PE Teacher STA_STA_DAVIS_AMY ext 5694 adavis
Fahnlander Chad PE Teacher silhouette_head-man ext 5693 cfahnlan
Finnegan Shaun PE Teacher STA_STA_FINNEGAN_SHAUN ext 5693 sfinnega
Hall Laura PE Teacher STA_STA_HALL_LAURA ext 5658 lahall
Watchie Monica PE Teacher STA_STA_WATCHIE_MONICA ext 5695 mwatchie
Wiblemo Toni PE Teacher STA_STA_WIBLEMO_TONI ext 5694 twiblemo


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Baserra Carrie Science Teacher female-silhouette ext 5726 cbaserra
Clouser Matt Science Teacher STA_STA_CLOUSER_MATT ext 5681 mclouser
Copeland Elizabeth Science Teacher STA_STA_COPELAND_ELIZABETH ext 5686 ecopelan
Decker Tommy Science Teacher STA_STA_DECKER_TOM ext 5682 tdecker
Fink David Science Teacher STA_STA_FINK_DAVID ext 5684 dafink
Kent Rachael Science Teacher STA_STA_KENT_RACHAEL ext 5687 rkent
Lee Anthony Science Teacher STA_STA_LEE_ANTHONY ext 5685 alee
Michalek Milana Science Teacher STA_STA_MICHALEK_MILANA ext 5713 (Voicemail Only) mmichale
Sobitova Mahfuza Science Teacher STA_STA_SOBITOVA_MAHFUZA ext 5683 msobitov
Timulak Shawn Science Teacher STA_STA_TIMULAK_SHAWN ext 5718 stimulak


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Alexander Gary GEAR Up Specialist STA_STA_ALEXANDER_GARY ext 5752 galexand
Buchan Jessica Instructional Coach female-silhouette ext 5610 jbuchan
Buchan Andrew Instructional Coach silhouette_head-man ext 5648 abuchan
Desuze Sudon Learning Facilitator, FUEL/MESH Credit Retrieval STA_STA_DESUZE_SUDON ext 5757 sdesuze
Dahl Dina AVID 11 female-silhouette ext 5653 ddahl
Dickson Joy Guidance Support Specialist STA_STA_DICKSON_JOY ext 5709 jdickson
Francisco Soraia “Miss Papaya” Communities in Schools Specialist female-silhouette ext 5704 sfrancis
Friedman Rebecca AVID 12 STA_STA_FRIEDMAN_REBECCA ext 5640 rfriedma
Gilbert Stephanie GEAR UP Specialist STA_STA_GILBERT_STEPHANIE ext 5727 sgilbert
Greb Jon AVID 10 STA_STA_GREB_JONATHAN ext jgreb
Harem Kailey AVID 12 STA_STA_HAREM_KAILEY ext 5665 kharem
Schumacher Marilyn AVID 9 STA_STA_SCHUMACHER_MARILYN ext 5641 maschuma
Talney Barbara AVID 9 female-silhouette ext btalney
Tenzler Sara AVID 11 STA_STA_TENZLER_SARA ext stenzler
West Blake AVID 10 STA_STA_WEST_BLAKE ext bwest
Wilson Shannon AVID 9 STA_STA_WILSON_SHANNON ext 5643 shwilson
Lee Carol Diploma Program Coordinator STA_STA_LEE_CAROL ext 5755 clee
Restrepo Eileen Career & College Specialist STA_STA_RESTREPO_EILEEN ext 5617 erestrep
Winslow Shari Middle Years Program Coordinator STA_STA_WINSLOW_SHARI ext 5644 swinslow
Veitenhans Coley Leadership/Activities Coordinator STA_STA_VEITENHANS_COLEY ext 5627 cveitenh


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Babcock Jennifer Teacher STA_STA_BABCOCK_JENNIFER ext 5620 jbabcock
De La Vergne Cathy Teacher female-silhouette ext 5660 cdelaver
Evans Diana Teacher STA_STA_EVANS_DIANA ext 5672 devans
Marubayashi Ruby Teacher STA_STA_MARUBAYASHI_RUBY ext 5661 rmarubay
Michaelis Dacca Teacher STA_STA_MICHAELIS_DACCA ext 5664 damichae
Sewell Charlene Teacher STA_STA_SEWELL_CHARLENE ext 5678 csewell
Shober Jane Teacher STA_STA_SHOBER_JANE ext 5679 jshober
Stokes Rachel Teacher STA_STA_STOKES_RACHEL ext 5680 rstokes


Last Name First Name Title Picture Phone Ext. email (@
Burson Rosalia Spanish Teacher female-silhouette ext 5668 rburson
Cabanas Julie Spanish Teacher female-silhouette ext 5669 jcabanas
Daniels Debra  French Teacher STA_STA_DANIELS_DEBRA ext 5722 ddaniels
Friedman Rebecca Spanish Teacher STA_STA_FRIEDMAN_REBECCA ext 5640 rfriedma
Harem Kailey Spanish Teacher STA_STA_HAREM_KAILEY ext 5665 kharem
Henderson Kristiana English Language Learners Teacher STA_STA_HENDERSON_KRISTIANA ext 5753 khenders
Kim Lena English Language Learners Teacher STA_STA_KIM_LENA ext 5715 (Voicemail Only) lkim
Lee Carol French Teacher STA_STA_LEE_CAROL ext 5755 clee
Morgan Scott Spanish Teacher silhouette_head-man ext 5667 scmorgan
O’Donnell Yoko Japanese Teacher STA_STA_ODONNELL_YOKO ext 5666 yodonnel
Reynolds Todd English Language Learners STA_STA_REYNOLDS_TODD ext 5714 treynold
Soper Todd French Teacher STA_STA_SOPER_TODD ext 5721 tsoper